Coral Darts Betting Market (Player with most 180s)

Watching and betting on darts is an exciting thing. As the game has evolved, we are finding more and more ways to bet on the players. The best way to find a good betting site is to check this website out then follow the instructions at Coral betting site.

One of the most exciting moments in a game of darts is when a player hits the highest possible score in a round with three darts- the 180. Don’t we all love how the announcer announces the score with such exuberance.

This market is usually straight forward with three options. The first option is player 1, second option player 2 and third option is Neither. If you think that player 1 will hit more 180s than player 2, then you would place your bet on that player. If you think that there will be no 180s in the game, or that the two players will hit the same number of 180s, then you’d place your bet on neither.

The 180

A score of 180 is the maximum a player can hit with three darts in one round. It involves hitting the treble section of the 20 with all three darts.

Why hit 180’s?

darts odds coralWith the way the game is played, a score of 180 is very attractive to the player because unlike most other sports, the aim of the darts player is to get to a certain score line faster than the opponent. The most common target is 501. Hitting the maximum possible per round therefore becomes a nice plan.

The fastest way to checkout from a match is three rounds each of three darts commonly called as a nine dart finish. Although there are a number of ways to hit a nine dart finish, one with two 180s becomes a good prospect because then it leaves the player with just 141 points to clear in the final round. This round is called the outshot and with as with all scores below 146, there are at least three ways to clear which is a huge advantage.

Some popular ways to check out with a 141 include T20T19D12, T20T15D18,T17T18D18 where T means treble and D means double.

Betting strategy

When deciding to place a bet on the player with most 180s, there are a few considerations to make. These include the differences in player skills, player statistics,game structure and player rivarly.

Player skill

Not all players are made equal and depending on skill and experience, some will hit180s with greater frequency than others. You will therefore need some knowledge on the players before you decide to bet on a player to hit more of these 180s than the other player. Some players in fact seem to hit the 180 effortlessly such as Gary Anderson. Other players on the other hand are interested in checking-out rather than hitting the fancy 180s in what is called a ‘hollywood game’.

Player statistics

It is well worth your time to also check on the player statistics. This information will help you to see who among the competing players tends to hit 180s more.

Game structure

Most dart games have what we call a ‘straight start’ meaning that any score on the first dart is allowed, be it a single a double, a treble or the bulls eye. Other games, called the ‘double-in’ games require that the first dart land on the doubles segment. It is important to remember that all games are ‘double-out’ requiring the player to hit a double or the bulls eye with the last dart.

You can therefore expect more 180s in a ‘straight start’ game as its possible to hit a 180 on the very first round.

Player rivalry

The game of darts has put up some very interesting match ups in the past which have created some fierce rivalries over time. A good example is Gary Anderson versus the likes of Dave Chisnal or Jelle Klaasen. These are games where you can expect the players to bring out their ‘A’ game and go for the 180s. Look at the head to head between the two players; is a certain player out for revenge?

The odds

With this market, the odds tend to fluctuate a lot based on the players playing styles and skill levels. For instance, a recent match between Robert Cross and Simon Whitlock had the following odds:

  • -Robert Cross: 4/5
  • -Simon Whitlock: 21/10
  • -Neither: 47/10

Another Example:

  • -Micheal Smith: 3/2
  • -Daryl Gurney: 53/50
  • -Neither: 5/1

The ‘most 180’s in a match’ market is an exciting option not only because it makes the match more interesting but because it also offers some good returns. In some matches, the player to hit more 180s looks obvious but in others its usually close to call. Either way, it makes for an intersting market that you can look into
Some of the 180s specialists are Gary Anderson, Dave Chisnall and Andrian Lewis